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Whether you are looking for a Standard or a Miniature sized Groodle puppy, we produce truly outstanding examples of this wonderful, low shedding, super intelligent breed. We are based in Ballarat and are registered as a micro-breeder with Animal Welfare Victoria. As a boutique breeder, we can ensure that your puppy spends its first eight weeks getting plenty of human interaction and experiences living in a house around lots of noise and activity. We make sure our puppies are sociable souls ready to be perfect canine companions.

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Trilogy Groodles has two splendid breeding bitches – Victoria and Ola. Victoria is an apricot Standard Poodle and Ola is her cream Groodle daughter.

Our Dog

Victoria adult

Our Dog

Baby Victoria

Our Dog

Ola adult

Our Dog

Baby Ola

DNA testing

We believe that DNA testing for hereditary diseases is an absolutely essential part of dog breeding. For this reason, both parents must test clear for a range of hereditary conditions before we will consider using them to produce puppies. (When you purchase a Trilogy Groodles puppy you will receive copies of both parents’ Orivet DNA test results.) By making this the cornerstone of our breeding program we can be certain that our great looking dogs also have great looking futures.

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